Why Key2SEO?

Because Key2SEO is baby site of Einfoway Consultancy services which has good track record and a company which has focus on its customer's success and best quality of any services it provides.

Why key2seo solutions and services

Read on.. Why Us?

Einfoway Consultancy Services is into web world since past 9yrs and has been doing great in web development and SEO fields.

Just having a websites does not makes any sense unless there are visitors to your website and you earn from them (sales). We see 10+ websites pop up every second but only few of them become success. Many people just put their website online and sit back and wait for their first order. Its very easy to build a website but it takes lots of efforts and time to make it successful.

Every person has new ideas and many of them come up with their ideas with help of a website, but only few of them make it success. Its not like rest of ideas were poor its just it was not presented in good way or lacked proper marketing. Many people design their sites in full image and flash, poor SEO, no link building and very bulky. Some what like, opening a new office or shop and locking doors from inside, sitting on chair for customers to knock the door.

Your website is just one website in more then 4 millions of websites offering same service at better price. When any visitor comes to your website and

Do you know?
How many customers come to your website every day?
How many of these visitors turn to your customers?
How much sales you made?
How much you invested in marking?
From which page your visitors went away form your website?
How much famous is your website?
What your competitors are doing to increase their sales? Remember its competitive world!

And list goes on..

Here is where Key2SEO can help you at every stage. Key2seo offers complete web solutions right from selecting correct domain name and hosting to marketing and converting your visitors to sales. We give you helping hand to make you succeed. As we know if you make a success we are successful too. We offer you almost every SEO service that any other company may be offering you, but we take into consideration cost and quality. We are concern about your money and your success. Many times we just cancel orders suggesting customers, "Boss this service will not help your website better go for other service" that we may be offering or direct them to reliable company.

We never say we are Top SEO Company nor do we ever say that we are the only best company you should go for. But we always say we are one of those Top Companies which can help you to success.

Key Features
We will submit your website to top PR9 - PR0 directories.
All directories are SEO friendly.
We manually submit to all directories. Our staff members are well trained and follow all submission guidelines.
The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website; no reciprocal link required.
We constantly, review, verify and update all the links in our list of directories.
We give full report on submission.
Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry!
We allow our users to give 10 unique titles and 10 unique descriptions to avoid duplication of content.
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