W3C XHTML Validation Service

Make your site look same like on all browsers and mobiles. Make your website W3c valid. Make sure your site is valid and has no errors it may effect your SEO of your website, as you may be missing tons of simple things which can promote your website FREE like "alt" tag in images.

xhtml validation

XHTML Validation Service

Is XHTML validation anything in relation with SEO? Many will say yes and many will say no. Those who say big NO can also give you very good examples saying even google, yahoo, msn and many more sites are not XHTML valid yet they are on top. Think again! These are big giants and can you compare your website with them in anyway? These sites may not be XHTML valid but they have very strong marketing team and billions of $$ to expand and other ways to be on top.

XHTML valid should not be considered good only for SEO aspects but also it validates your website to be displayed correctly in any branded browsers, mobile phones etc. There is no harm in getting your site HTML valid or XHTML valid. It has no negative points where as it does have positive points. Nor does it charge you high amount nor does its big task. Then why not?

Any good coders should write a XHTML valid code but incase you don't have time or need professional service you can hire us. We charge $10 per 100 errors.

Our XHTML Validation Service
We will charge you only $10 to validate your one page to fix 100 errors.

If your site has errors less then 100 we will charge you $10
If your site has errors more then 100 and less then 200 we will charge you $20
and so on....

If you want your complete site to be XHTML valided please use contact us form and send us your website URL. We will reply back with total cost and time frame.
W3C CSS Validation service enables you to check your CSS code for validity, and warns you if you are using browser specific code. .

Only $10 for fixing 100 errors.Only $10 for fixing 100 errors. 1 Days
You can pay just $10 for get 100 HTML/XHTML errors fixed. If you want full website to be made XHTML/HTML valid please contact us for customized code.

Old Price: $20.00
Our New price: $10.00
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HTML Validation is important because:

1. As with all languages, there is a proper way to use it and an improper way to use it. Valid HTML is HTML that has been written in accordance with W3C and uses the correct syntax. Every industry has standards and the web design/development industry is no different. W3C standards are the benchmark for web development. W3C developed these standards for cross browser compliance and general usability. Valid code is displayed properly and uniformly across popular browsers. Valid code is what search engines understand and will assist with SEO.

2. Search engines see text only and ignore all tags. When you provide invalidated HTML to search engine you loose whatever text was inside the invalid tag. When you neglect to place alternative text in image or Flash tags, you lose the searchable value of that element. Basically, invalidated HTML can handicap your sites search ability which can greatly affect your sites Internet visibility and traffic.

Key Features
Get your web site valided.
Makes your website more SEO friendly.
Our staff members are well trained and follow all W3C validation guidelines.
It will Help Resolve Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform And Future Compatibility Issues.
Search Engine Visibility.
Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry!
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