Directory Submission Guidelines

All Directories have their own terms and guidelines. We have listed basic Submission Guidelines that we normally follow.

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Directory Submission Terms / Guidelines

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These submission guidelines change from time to time depending on SEO wave.

Guidelines for Directory Submission :
Improving the probability of getting your site accepted to directories Directory submissions are the reasonable as well as effective site endorsement method moreover similar to other site endorsement method, there are some rules along with guidelines that have to be adhered to if you desire your site's endorsement to be successful. In order to obtain a high approval rate in directories, each as well as every directory has their personal set of rule along with guidelines that they pursue when favoring sites. Read cautiously below common set of guidelines that the majority directory editors would pursue when deciding on whether to grant a site into their directory.

Ensuring that you tag along these guiding principles when submitting your site will offer you an enhanced chance of getting accepted.
Url or Domain
Site content & Others

Url or Domain:
The common strategy for URL as below:
  • Submit the domain / url in the right layout. The majorities directories allow a URL in the layout of as well as at the same time some directories allow it without the http://
  • don't submit domains that forward to another site.
  • Usually, a lot of directories permit only the Home Page URLs moreover don't accept URLs of internal pages. For instance: However, there are only some directories known as deep link directories which permit internal page. So you can submit your internal page to just deep link directories.
  • Several directories need adding an ahead slash '/' at the ending of the URL. Keep in mind this one anywhere is need.
  • Exceptionally few directories allow domains hosted on free hosting services or domains which are not registered - stay away from submitting these types of domains.

Heading of your Site:

The heading replicates the main aim of your site, moreover heading is the headline for your listing. During the directory submission procedure you will be asked to fill your site's heading; as well as the majority of time heading acts as the anchor text which will be used to link to your site. So decide it's rightly regarding to SEO profit. Every directory has its own stas well awards about heading. There are lots of directories which allow headings with keywords to express the site. However few directories do not agree to the usage of keywords in the heading as well as only allow for the site name. In cases like these, you should merely use the official name of your site devoid of any keywords.

The common guidelines for writing adequate headings would be:

  • The heading should be related to the function of the site.
  • Check that the lengths of Heading as well as Description are within the acceptable limits, no. of words or else characters.
  • The heading should be meaningful furthermore not just hold a list of keywords.
  • Stay away from repetition of keywords.
  • Stay away from any type of promotional language.
  • Stay away from capitalize the primary letter of every word as well as also do not make use of all caps in your heading or explanation.


The Heading as well as Description together must precisely explain what your site is about as well as Description show under the headline. There are some points you should carry on in mind when making your descriptions:

  • All the points declared above for the heading
  • explanation should preferably just explain what the site offers; you may comprise features as well as benefits.
  • Do not talk about any pricing details or any additional promotional details which are issue to modify with time.
  • Do not create the explanation sound too much promotional.
  • the majority of directories would not want you to talk about a phone number as well as address details in the explanation - so it's finest to stay away from putting in those information.

Some directories need specifying the keywords to be linked with your listing.

Guidelines about Keywords:

  • Do not utilize non-related keywords that contain no relation to your site. So please choose your keywords cautiously.
  • Don't duplicate any keyword more than one time as well as also make sure you contain the keywords entered in the format necessary.
  • Several directories may want you to enter each keyword separated by a comma, For e.g. keyword1, keyword2 - on the other hand
  • Various directories may need the keywords to be separated by space. So just make certain you tag along their guidelines.

Choosing the appropriate category for submissions in directory. Choosing the right group for every directory submission is a significant step in the directory submission procedure. A listing under a related category advances the link value of your site to search engines. There are few directories which are very exacting about you choosing the right class and group. A lot of people make the error of choosing the category too fast devoid of checking if there would be a more related category. Take the time to go through the directory's option of categories as well as select the most suitable category.

For several directories, where you are not capable to find a appropriate category, you may even advised a applicable category as well as if the directory editor finds it appropriate, your site would be added beneath the newly created group you suggested.

An email address would allow the directories to converse to you about approval or refusal of your site. So please give a valid, functioning email address. To reduce spam trouble, you can set up a new email account to obtain mail from the directories.

A few directories are exacting about not approving sites where the email address incorporated belongs to a free email account like AOL, rediff, hotmail, gmail etc. This is appropriate in little cases. An expected 10%-25% of directories will refuse your site's submission if a free email address is utilized while directory submission. It is preferable to incorporate the email address of your site domain, example - if you are submitting, try as well as use as well as say no to 'free e-mail account' while directory submission process.

Several Directories may also ask for your street address.

Site content & Others:
Directory Submission guidelines: Various other supportive tips to get your site submission accepted by directories. Here are some other common guidelines as below:
  • Make certain that the content on your site is real and written in English.
  • The site should be entirely complete. By no means submit a site which is under creation or is about to open.
  • Make certain your site is completely operational earlier than you have it submitted.
  • Various directories do not allow sites having merely one page. It is preferable for your site to have little pages.
  • Do not submit sites that have no substance.
  • Look at the accessible listings in different categories as well as discover the category where sites alike to yours are listed
  • Keep the ads as well as affiliate links to a lowest. You will not likely get accepted to a directory if you contain a site swarming with ads or associate links.
  • A small number of directories do not allow sites with 'mirror content', i.e. sites having the similar content but dissimilar domains. Exclusive content is best.
  • A number of directories will evaluate your site within a few days of submission; other directories may take as long as one or two months, so be prepared to wait.

If you tag along these strategies when you are submitting your site to directories or while hiring a directory submission service to endorse your site, you will benefit from a higher approval rate as well as a better come back on your investment. Optimistically you have established these tips to be useful with organizing your site for submission. If you have some questions feel free to asking us.

At key2seo, we make certain that we tag along these guidelines as much as possible. To save the time as well as attempts involved in submitting to all search engine optimization friendly directories, you may desire to consider utilizing our directory submission service.

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