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Coupon Distribution Service helps increase in sales, help in brand building, Search Engine Visibility for discounts you may be offering. We help you to highlight your discount coupon in search results.

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Coupon Marketing Service

How Coupon Marketing Can Achieve Bringing Thousands of Consumers To Your Site?
  • You have an ecommerce store selling products. You want unabated consumer flow to your site – Coupon Marketing Will Click!
  • Your Products are High In Quality than your competitors – Coupon Marketing Advertisements Will Carry This News To Your Customers
  • You Want Customers Get Complete Satisfaction In Your Pricing – Coupon Marketing will Establish This beyond Doubt.
  • You Want Your Website Popularized Through Many Inlets At A Time – Coupon Marketing Campaign is the Sure Shot!

What to First know What Coupon Marketing Is? click here:

50 Coupon Distribution50 Coupon Distribution 3 Days
We will submit your discount coupon to 50 top sites. You will get detailed report and account details for each site.

Old Price: $35.00
Our New price: $25.00
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100 Coupon Distribution100 Coupon Distribution 10 Days
We will submit your coupon to 100 top coupon sites and give you detailed report with account login details.

Old Price: $55.00
Our New price: $45.00
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  • Coupon Submission reports in Excel
  • Screenshots with all the contents filled-in
  • Directories – Submission Details along with username and Password created for you and Email details

How effective is Online Coupon Marketing?

The statistical figures of Google Search Engine stand testimony to this. In a given month, only 5,000,000 net-visitors searched for Discount Codes on prices, whereas 13,600,000 online consumers eagerly searched for Coupon Codes, consisting of multiple benefits of money saving, explained as above. You can see the vast difference.

Popular Search Engines Give Top Preference to Coupon Codes:

There are specific Coupon Codes publishing sites online. Popular Search Engines like Google give predominant importance to these sites and instantly project them in their Index 1st page. Fresher Coupons published, get this priority treatment in indexing always.

You get direct visitors from these Coupon Codes Sites:

Times are changing. Nowadays, online visitors are shrewd in visiting first these specialized Coupon Codes sites, before embarking to the related product site, to get equipped with the copies of the published Coupon Codes. These Coupon Codes are utilized for buying various products from your site, according to their needs. We ensure that all your Promotional Coupon Codes are published at these top-notch Coupon Sites, where the proven numbers of net-visitors are huge, according to our inside information. Thus you get tons of direct visitors from these sites, along with your own Coupon Codes, to do business with your site.

You can avail Google Alerts advantage:

Free email campaign of your Coupon Codes is what you get from Google. Your Coupon Codes are published by us every time afresh in the Coupon Sites. They are emailed directly to the Google subscribers instantly. Thus your product promotion gets Google support free of cost, through these alerts and you achieve floods of targeted and credit-card-ready customers, flowing to your website to buy their desired product, using your Coupon Codes.

Spread-up visibility of your Coupon Codes:

The information about your Coupon Codes is spread as hot news in social media websites, blogs, and online news service sites. Therefore they get enhanced visibility by this simultaneous syndication and maximum exposure to the targeted customers.

Coupon Marketing Convinces Google Panda as well:

The latest Algorithm Change by Google Panda update does not mind, publishing your same Coupon Codes in various websites simultaneously. It is not construed as a mistake by Google. On the contrary, your Coupon Codes are treated as fresh contents beneficial to net-visitors. Thus your Coupon Codes will be promoted at more than 100 Coupon Sites that are very popular online. Thus 100% Safe Panda admitted Coupon Codes promotion is achieved by our efficient and intelligent service. Result is - you get unlimited visitor-traffic every day and your ecommerce site meets with a roaring success.

Tasks We Fulfill for Your Website:

  • Your Website’s profile is exhaustively created at Industry-best Coupon Code sites
  • Your discount Coupon campaign is formatted attractively based on information provided from your end
  • Full details of your Discount Offer, promotional offer, advantages and benefits are illustrated clearly at the top-rated Coupon Distribution Websites.

Key Features
We will submit your website to top PR9 - PR0 directories.
All directories are SEO friendly.
We manually submit to all directories. Our staff members are well trained and follow all submission guidelines.
The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website; no reciprocal link required.
We constantly, review, verify and update all the links in our list of directories.
We give full report on submission.
Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry!
We allow our users to give 10 unique titles and 10 unique descriptions to avoid duplication of content.
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